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I'm Kouichi Matsunoo, Immigration Lawyer in Saitama. I, as immigration law and nationality law expert, I will provide professional service to you. If you have any problem in these areas, I will help you to realize your desire in good faith. You might not have to go to Immigration Bureau. I will do all procedures of Immigration Bureau on your behalf. I am an immigration lawyer admitted to Tokyo Immigration Bureau.  Please give me a call and put me to work for you!

 I want to take permanent residency in Japan

 (I want to know if I can get permanent residency)

 I would like to acquire Japanese nationality

  (Please let me know if I can take Japanese nationality)

 I would like to invite my spouse / child to Japan

 I want to do business in Japan

 I want to work in Japan after graduating from school

 I would like to call an employee from a foreign country

 I would like parents, brothers and sisters to Japan by exploiting the short-stay visa (within 90 days)

 I would like to renew my short-term visa

 I do not know how to write “Written statement of reason”

 I was requested by the Immigration Bureau to submit additional documents, but I can not respond

 I am not granted permission. However, I want to apply again 

 I became an overstayer, but I want to live in Japan as before.



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